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Learn to meditate in a practical way

With Prof. Dr. Cláudio Senna Venzke

If you have anxiety, stress or lack of focus, tried to meditate and couldn't, or didn't even try because you found it difficult, this course in e-book format is for you!!!

Like other people, maybe you haven't used or found the RIGHT TECHNIQUE!!!

But if you want to try again, I can help you!


In this course I present meditation in a practical way, so you can incorporate it into your daily life and start practicing as soon as you start reading. and improve your well-being.

This course contains audios with guided meditations, video on posture, scientific content on the benefits of meditation and many tips to make meditation somethingpleasurable in your life.

Take advantage of the promotional value of R$69 perjust R$42 

Get it right now by clicking the button and receive it in your email to start meditating today.   

Or contact me for more information

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Experience a meditation led by Prof. Claudio

Put on headphones for a better experience

What you will learn in this course

  • Postures to meditate

  • How to breathe better

  • What to do with thoughts?

  • Active and passive meditation techniques

  • How to use meditation in everyday life

  • Benefits of meditation

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