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Attention: this method is to help anyone who needs to make a decision. It can be used to facilitate your services. 

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Discover a method that brings more clarity to your clients' questions and helps them make decisions in a more efficient way

If you work with human development (People Management, Psychology, Psychotherapies, Constellations, Access Bars, Reiki and other areas) and  do you want a method to speed up your diagnoses and to have more clarity about your clients' questions then sign up to learn about  SeVen Systemic Map and find out how you can use it in your services  to increase your revenue or guarantee extra income by starting to work with this

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Dear professional

You are about to discover, and access in a personalized way, a method that can increase your performance in your services, your billing and even start providing services and earning extra income quickly and safely.


I'm talking about a method that was developed based on Positive Psychology, Jung's archetypes and the Systemic Field, without you needing to have prior knowledge on these subjects just using your experience and prior knowledge of your current area of work.

See some reports of people receiving assistance with the SeVen Systemic Map, this could be your reality and that of your clients:




Jê Eugênio 

Mentora de Mulheres

Luiza Fahrion

Servidora Pública


Pierre Storti

Chef Baker (Professor de panificação)

Karine Freire 

Orientadora de Vida Integral


Um Método inovador, que sistematiza as informações do Campo Sistêmico por meio de Arquétipos e cartas com as forças de caráter propostas pela  Psicologia Positiva


What you will have access to when selected:

Know a tested and validated method for diagnosing issues facing your customers or employees

Opportunity to improve the performance of your services and improve your revenue

Have the opportunity to participate in the first training classes of the method

Possibility of earning extra income with services using the SeVen Systemic Map


Cláudio is a businessman,  PhD in Administration from UFRGS/Brazil with doctoral internship at Boston College (USA), specialist in Positive Psychology from PUCRS, professor and mentor in Human Development.

With more than 5 thousand students and clients served, he has extensive experience in Brazil and abroad, and he has compiled practices and knowledge to develop a method for diagnosing issues in different areas of Human Development.

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